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What we do


Our clinical trial program facilitates the new and leading treatments for patients with and without eye conditions improve clinical outcomes and patient quality of life. 

Evidenced based medicine requires diligent assessment of findings through Clinical Trials. Ophthalmic Trials Australia’s research is intent on improving the current suite of ophthalmic resources clinical practice has at is fingertips in the effort to restoring or at least, maintaining visual function. By taking time out of daily practice Mark Hinds’ team has developed Ophthalmic Trials Australia to allow medical providers to offer further clinical recommendations due to increased necessary publications and the end user new medications and innovations in clinical practice.

Ophthalmic Trials Australia assists researchers to understand eye disorders and disease processes thereby achieving the goal of improving eye health and preventing vision loss and making it available to the broader public.

Sound experimental procedures based on scientific methods conducted with consideration of several background factors covers trials using various research methods include but are not limited to: Population studies, epidemiological and observational studies. Laboratory and analytical research covering extensive background factors are welcomed.  

Under a watchful critical eye for detail and unfaltering ethical considerations Ophthalmic Trials Australia aims to improve processes, monitor outcomes and assist in discovering favourable benefits for patients and researchers alike.

Ophthalmic Trials Australia consists of easily accessible, modern facilities and state of the art equipment to conduct research in a timely fashion.  The primary advantage of our custom-built suite of testing rooms and facilities is the location with easy access to Brisbane CBD and infrastructure.  We are not limited by the many layers of management found in larger organisations such as University and Hospital based settings.  This leads to fast response times and processes limited only by external variables.